JPNT Film's
Independent Films ACTING Class

June 12, 2010
June 19, 2010

Learn how to:
- act in independent movies
- act in JPNT Film's movies
- who JPNT Films is & what to expect
- be part of a JPNT Movie production

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Welcome Home
The Jay Randall Story

Premiered at the Creative Alliance
Main Theater on January 8, 2010
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"Live and Die"
Won the Accollade Awards
for Best Actor in an Independent Movie.

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"All About Acting" SEMINAR
Listen, take notes, ask questions.  
Perfect if you just want to learn about the industry.
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Welcome to our site!

We are an independent movie production company that
creates all movie genres.  We are best known for making full
length feature movies improv style in 32 hours or less.  
Crazy?  Yes!     Fun?  Most definitely!

We also specialize in creating Video Picture Memorial for
loved one's who have passed away.  We call it
.  It's a video that can be seen by all during their
viewing to remember and honor their life.  We offer a 24-32
hour Video Picture Album Memorial turn around.
here to learn more.

For our fellow actors, who we can't live without, we offer
classes and workshops so that they may practice their skills.  
For those who are new to acting, we do offer a seminar so they
can see and learn what a fun career they are about to embark
on.  Click
here to learn more about what we offer.

A new service that we now offer is our "Make A Movie"
Birthday Theme.  This theme is designed to make the birthday
person the star of the movie and use all his/her guests as their
co-stars.  It's a super fun theme that will be the talk of all the
guests and all the people you share the movie with.  Click
to learn more.

As you can see by our filming style and other services that we
offer, we love to work fast and under pressure.  It's where we
do our best work.  Although it is quick, we don't skip on
professionalism.  This is our specialty and we love it, or else
we wouldn't do it.

Feel free to browse through our site.  Click through each link
on the left as each page provides you with more pages to view.
 If you have any questions, we'll gladly help!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Jimmy and Peechee
JPNT Films
Pictures at the Welcome Home Premier
"Second Chance"

Currently in post and is set to
premier July 2010.

HERE to see the trailer
and movie pics.